10 Week Eat Smart Programme


Healthy eating is not just about putting strict limitations in place. It’s about feeling good, having more energy and taking a different, more positive outlook on life. Eat Smart is a ten-week work-site wellness programme to help employees eat intelligently, by continuous engagement & interactive seminars on site as well as 6 Videos which will be released throughout the programme. 

A challenge log is provided to record accumulated points. All participants are awarded with a certificate at the end of the challenge. HR Management can choose to implement this challenge for individual participants or teams and can decide whether prizes are appropriate for winners / participants.


Programme Structure: Seminars


Fortnightly one hour talks are arranged to keep participants interested and motivated with ideas how to eat smart focusing on five topics:

  • Tips for Weight Loss
  • Mindful Eating
  • Foods for Moods
  • Eating for Immunity
  • Breakfast of champions!

Participants must register to take part so that we can communicate with them & issue their reminders for upcoming seminars, thus maximising attendance & participation.

In each of the sessions our Wellness Expert will work with employees to help them understand the topics presented and the steps that need to be taken in order to transform their eating habits. We will be able to provide each employee with the strategies and skills needed to eat intelligently, as well as helping them to incorporate healthy eating into their busy schedules.

Programme Structure: E Learning Website

In addition to the on site seminars, we will host an E Learning course online. Registered participants will be able to enrol in the Eat Smart programme and will be given access to regularly updated blogs with recipes and nutrition tips each week.

We will also provide links to a series of 10-15 minute videos covering the following topics:

• Food labels, stocking your kitchen & Batch cooking
• Building your plate
• Cravings, Self-Sabotage & Motivation
• Snacking
• Fad diets
• The Importance of exercise & activity


Who Will Deliver It?

A fully qualified Dietitian or Nutritionist will deliver the programme. They will offer advice on effective weight loss, digestive health, the impact of diet on medical conditions (including heart conditions or Diabetes), special diets, healthy eating and general nutrition.

Expected Results & Measurement:

The employee participating will be equipped with the strategies and skills needed to eat intelligently, as well as helping them to incorporate healthy eating into their busy schedules. New healthy eating habits will be expected to have manifested from educating the participants with the importance of eating healthy and the opportunities presented by interaction with the dietitian/nutritionist onsite.

We will report on:

  • Registrations at the start
  • Participants who completed the points collection to the end
  • How many participants attended the talks approximately each time?
  • Feedback & Enjoyment level amongst participants
This programme is designed to help you make smart decisions when it comes to eating so that you may see the benefits immediately and get your body working as it should!
— Carla Bredin - Nutritionist

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