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This 5 part programme of seminars designed to provide you with practical tips and insights towards improving your financial skills and behaviours. It provides helpful tips on the 5 financial areas that most often impact upon the 'typical PAYE employee'. It will also alert you on things to look out for, the so-called 'traps for the unwary'. The seminars will cover all the topics needed to give your employees a better understanding of their financial wellness and start future proofing their finances. 


Programme Structure

  • 5 Week Programme:
  • 5 x Seminars. Each week covering a different topic.

The topics covered will include:

Better Budgeting – improved budgeting for individuals and households, analysing our spending on certain items, identifying over-runs, the importance of financial goal setting.
Borrowing Blues?– mortgages and borrowing for big ticket items, managing our long-term debts, new rules around deposits, affordability issues, rates and loan terms, prioritising debt res. with lenders.
Saving for the rainy day - saving, investing, wealth accumulation, researching the marketplace, suitability of investments, risk considerations and diversification.
Securing and safeguarding – Protecting our income, our health, our lives, types, costs & levels of insurance, stay at home partners.
Retiring gracefully – optimising the tax breaks, realism re adequacy, the investment piece, knowing our options and entitlements, the post retirement years

Number of Participants

There is no limit on the number of participants in this programme

Expected Results

We expect 80% of those who start the programme to complete it and that by the courses completion, employees will have gained valuable insights into their financial well-being and have the confidence to start implementing changes to their everyday living which will have a big impact in the future.


  • We will confirm the numbers of employees who sign up for the programme
  • We will estimate the attendees at the seminars
  • We will report on feedback on completion of the programme
This programme is all about taking practical steps towards better financial wellbeing. There is no hard sell here, we just want to share some common sense tips and tricks to creating better financial wellbeing for you and your loved ones in the years ahead.
— Brendan Bartley, Financial Advisor

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