the good and the bad lunch

Most of us live busy lives and often we forget how important it is to eat well during the day. We will show how you can eat well during lunch whether it’s to lose weight, maintain weight or perhaps you just want to eat healthy and protect yourself against sickness. A good lunch can keep you productive throughout the afternoon just as much as a bad unhealthy lunch can make you sluggish and stunt your attention span. 

We will give you tips and advice on portion sizes, what nutrients and food types to include in your lunch and tell you the most common mistakes and how to avoid making them.

This webinar will be available from Tuesday August 4th until Monday September 7th for all Amazon employees to view.

In addition to the video, we have created a useful handout and some frequently asked questions which you can print out and refer back to after the presentation. We hope these documents will be a useful accompaniment to the video.