BodyScore is a Chartered Physiotherapy led screen aimed at detecting musculoskeletal (MSK) and orthopedic conditions before they even happen. For most companies, by looking at their PMI claims data or Occupational Health reports they will see that MSK is consistently at the top of the list in terms of health complaints from employees. As BodyScore is proactive in nature, it aims to prevent these injuries impacting the health of employees and the productivity of an organisation by identifying them before they become noticeable to the person being screened.


The Screen

BodyScore combines cutting edge technology with industry leading expertise in MSK injury management to create a screen that is modern, insightful, mobile based and has a focus on actionable outcomes both at an employee and organisation level. The patient will also receive a report and a MSK score from the Chartered Physiotherapist that outlines where their body is and is not working well alongside targeted rehab delivered through an app.

The Score

We've built a complex scoring algorithm that enables us to provide each employee with a MSK score, while also providing the company a MSK score for the entire company. Within both the employee and company report this score is broken up per body section with recommendations for each body section on how to improve the score in the future.


What to expect

  • Our onsite Physiotherapist will issue the tablet based questionnaire to all patients and be on hand to answer any queries.
  • Our Physiotherapist will assess each patient individually. Assessments will last approximately 20 minutes.
  • Where red flags occur, patients will be referred to a chartered physiotherapist.
  • The report will feature their score and overall recommendations with each body area also receiving a score with individual recommendations and specific exercises, that the employee should do in order to improve their score. These exercises can be self managed on an app that features thousands of videos and guides.

Corporate Reporting

Each company will receive a corporate report after a screening phase. This report will provide the organisation with an overview of its MSK health using aggregated anonymous data. This report will breakdown MSK health through demographics like age, gender and job role, while also providing more specific information like 'how computer users thoracic and spinal health are being impacted by their posture'. Each company will also be provided with a MSK and orthopedic score with recommendations on how to improve that score

MSK injuries account for a staggering 7 million lost days in absenteeism each year, amounting to over €750 million in costs to the economy. Bodyscore has been designed to enable employers to get ahead of this problem by introducing an innovative diagnostic tool for their employees.
— Warwick Gordon, Chartered Physiotherapist

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