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Avoiding Repetitive Strain

Spending long hours at a workstation or in front of a computer everyday can lead us to overuse muscles in the hands, wrists and other areas which can cause a repetitive stress injury. As it increasingly becomes common among many individuals to use computers at work and home, it is important to introduce some useful tips on how to avoid these injuries.

During this helpful topic our physiotherapist will show you how to reduce muscle stress in cases of long hours of repetitive work and create a stress-free work station. We will discuss the importance of taking frequent breaks and how often, changing position of your body, simple exercise techniques that can help you rest your muscles from repetitive strain injuries.

Our Physio, Eoghan O' Sullivan,will take you through the signs and symptoms of RSI, means of reducing your chances of injury and exercises to prevent RSI.

The video will be available to all Cadence employees to watch from Wednesday 18th November until Friday  December 18th 2015.

In addition to the video, we have created a useful handout which you can print out and refer back to.