CBT Webinar Series


Up to 1000 employees can join our CBT webinar series over 8 weeks.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach which is used to treat a range of emotional difficulties, as well as the psychological impact of physical health problems. The CBT approach provides a model for understanding the relationships between our thoughts, feelings, behaviour or actions and how we physically feel within ourselves. Different CBT models have been developed for working with different issues or difficulties, but generally the approach focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the thought patterns and behaviours maintaining a problem.


CBT is commonly used to treat a wide range of disorders including phobias, addiction, depression and anxiety.


We find that Cognitive behaviour therapy is best when focused on helping employees clients deal with a very specific problem. During the course of this webinar series, people learn how to identify and change destructive or disturbing thought patterns that have a negative influence on behaviour.


Cognitive behaviour therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years with both employees and Psychologists.


This is an 8 week Webinar Series allowing participants to learn the principles of CBT and incorporate it into their daily life.


Programme Structure:

Part 1: Introductory Webinar: “Would I benefit from learning CBT?”

We believe that CBT is best when focused on helping employees clients deal with a very specific problem, therefore, some employees just do not need it. So we always recommend that before CBT is introduced, a webinar is arranged so that potential participants can understand if this is for them.

Part 2: 8 Week Programme:

8 x pre-recorded 30 minute webinars, delivered on demand.
8 x weekly CBT skills emails and weekly homework via a secure web log-in to facilitate you learning the practice in a comprehensive manner.

CBT is related to thoughts, behaviours, feelings and physical sensations, and how they interrelate. During this series we will encourage particpants to explore the exact nature of their worrying thoughts and understand how these thoughts may influence how you feel and act.

Expected Results & Measurement:

We expect 75% of those who start the programme to complete the 8 weeks.

We will report on:

  • We will track and report on the numbers of employees who watch the introductory Webinar
  • We will confirm the numbers of employees who sign up for the webinar series
  • We will track those that download worksheets
  • We will report on feedback and on the amount that completed the 8 week programme.

Who Will Deliver It?

A Counselling Psychologist will deliver the programme who have skills in a wide range of psychological approaches, including CBT.

All of our Psychologists are fully qualified and hold current membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

Number Of Participants:

Groups are not limited. Sign up is closed one week before hand to allow secure webpage, log in’s, mail and newsletters to be prepared in time.

CBT can be extremely effective in treating certain mental health problems. This programme can help you manage problems such as anxiety and depression, and make them less likely to have a negative impact on your life.
— Dr. Sarah O'Neill - Counselling Psychologist

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