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Open your mind

Turning pain into gain


We can all agree that we should be open to learn from every single experience that you live. However, our own preconceived notions and beliefs about what good and bad experiences are and how they affect us, stop us from opening our minds. We will show you what separates people who thrive from those who merely survive based on how they face and use the pain of bad experiences. We’ll help you embrace and use your experiences to open your mind to every experience both good and bad.

Who: Psychologist and Counsellor, Richard Meacham will deliver this Webinar.

When: This Webinar will be available to view for all Citi employees from Wednesday December 9th until Friday January 8th.



In addition to the webinar, we have created a useful handout which you can print out and refer back to. In this handout, we cover some of the key points in our presentation.