Communication Talks with Jonathan McCrae


The importance of effective communication in the workplace is sometimes overlooked or taken for granted. Good communication is an essential element in any work relationship or situation and is a skill everybody can develop effectively.


Communication embraces many different components whether inside or outside the workplace so our team covers a variety of aspects including how to lead meetings, deliver a presentation with impact, interview for a job, create compelling content or more simply how to get people to like you! 


Jonathan McCrea is our Communications expert and a multi-award-winning broadcaster and journalist for RTE, TV3 and Newstalk among others. Jonathan has many years’ experience in public speaking and broadcasting and has interviewed great speakers from all walks of life, from ministers and business moguls to Hollywood A-listers and Platinum selling artists.

Communications Seminars:

The Science of self-improvement
This seminar will explain how a large body of neurological and behavioural research has shown that we can be more creative, better at solving problems, and improve focus by using simple techniques, tried and tested in peer-reviewed studies. Learn how to get what you want out of a meeting, how to get people to like you and be more persuasive.

The Art of the interview
How do you strike a rapport with someone you've just met? What's the best way to ask an awkward or personal question? How do you get someone who is stonewalling you to open up?

Jonathan McCrea has spent his life asking questions and has endured kicks to the groin from movie stars, threats of legal action and the occasional walk-out.

In this talk, you will learn how to interview and be interviewed, how to prepare for an intimidating encounter and how to turn the conversation around to make sure you get your message through.

How to talk with impact
Ever wondered what makes a powerful speaker? Or why some talks inspire the audience while others bore them to distraction?

Find out the answers as Jonathan discusses the secrets of talking with impact. Learn how to engage an audience, whether you're giving a presentation to clients, an interview or after-dinner speech by improving your body language, attitude and delivery.

How news becomes news (press releases)
Every day, hundreds of press releases arrive in the inbox of every journalist in the country. Why do some become national headlines and others get dumped in the trash bin?

In this talk, Jonathan McCrea will explain how a story gets picked up by the media, what producers and editors look for in their content and what they actively avoid. Learn how to package ideas so that they stick out from the crowd, whether it's a press release, Facebook post or tweet.

Follow up & Measurement

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