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Innovation is the cornerstone of everything we do.

We are extremely fortunate to be working with some of the best people and companies in Ireland. We use all of our interactions with our wellness colleagues as part of our own continuous learning. Whilst, of course, we cannot and do not share proprietary information of any company, we do use our own learnings for the benefit of all of our clients. By way of example, our software solution for managing our fitness centres came from a need of a client to manage their fitness facility in a more cost efficient manner. In this case, we ended up being able to propose leveraging existing technology to allow employees to manage their own fitness plans and nutritional plans via app rather than constant one-to-one fitness instructor sessions. It is this kind of innovation that we pride ourselves on with all our clients.


Our approach to Fitness Centre Management

We do not think that there is a company in Ireland that can compete with us in costs per engaged employee. We pride ourselves advising our clients of the latest equipment, approaches, technology and wellness initiatives to ensure best return on investment. The presence of an onsite fitness centre provides a convenience that makes it more likely that employees will exercise. An opportunity to work out at your place of work makes it easier to fit exercise into your busy schedule. To maximise the benefit, we spend as much time focused on those that do not use the gym as we do on those that do. From our perspective, if we can increase employee usage or engagement then we achieve better value for our clients.

We always ensure that the fitness centre has smooth day-to-day operations, high rates of participation and of course a great experience for employees.  Our personal trainers focus on:

  • New staff member inductions
  • Health screening & assessments of members
  • Employee engagement (Recruitment and Retention) by one on one instruction for those who have dropped off, or who are getting going.
  • High risk employee management (coordinating with Occupational Health Department as necessary).
  • General gym supervision, offering guidance to gym users on correct technique etc.
  • Classes – we have a wide range


We believe that high retention and engagement are two key benefits that we offer our clients and the 3 building blocks of high retention and engagement are:


A. The Team:    First and foremost we will ensure that an exceptional fitness coach is put place to manage the centre. This fitness coach will be expected to embrace the overarching ethos of Health & Wellness, by laya healthcare and to follow the policy and procedures that have lead us to have a high level of service across our company. 


B. Software:      We provide our clients with their own app for iPhone and Android so that your employees can book classes, use animated exercise videos and track their progress.  Here, we can create tailored exercise plans for your employees with our drag and drop editor. Afterwards, we will simply share our plans on a notebook, tablet, smartphone or a good old- fashioned print-out.  Employees can keep a nutrition diary via the online platform or with the mobile app. This allows our Dietitians and our fitness instructors coaches to effectively offer personal guidance from a distance. We can turn your gym and wellness programme into a social hub with your own branded community. Employees can create profiles, socialize in groups, and complete challenges for points and badges. This will help us build engagement and retention. 


C. Marketing:   One of the many differentiators between us and other operators is that we have a dedicated marketing team who create co-branded or solely partner branded marketing material on behalf of our partners.  Our marketing team can create the marketing collateral needed to drive the benefits of using the fitness centre throughout your worksite. The fitness centre should always be the springboard and centrepiece of all wellness initiatives within our client companies. We provide as part of our management continuous motivational and positive reinforcement of well-being and wellness within the company. 

We are not going to be a passive participant in the fitness centre, but rather we will drive its continued and enhanced success.


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