Cycling challenge


Our cycling challenge is a fun and engaging way to encourage participation, interaction, teamwork and team building within an organisation, while increasing overall wellness. A stationary road bike, mounted on rollers and connected to an odometer can be placed anywhere within an office space and registered teams can compete against one another to see who can cover the most mileage over a set period of time.


Programme Structure:

  • We will create a complete marketing campaign including e-vites, posters, etc.
  • Applicants register their interest in the challenge.
  • Employee teams made up. The challenge will be determined by the size of the organisation or you can advise us on your own challenge ideas.
  • Pre event reminders and equipment delivery with “how to” manual emailed in advance
  • Individuals booked in 15 minute slots, the challenge set will be realistic for 5 days x 2 hours of cycling
  • At the end of the challenge we will combine total distance covered by the teams.
  • Prizes or incentives are offered at the discretion of the employer.
  • As an optional extra, we recommend our qualified Fitness Instructor to be onsite 2 hours per day for 5 days to encourage participation, increase engagement and ensure the safe running of the challenge.
  • On completion, distances covered will be compiled and winners of challenge announced if there is a competitive element added.
  • Removal of bike, rollers, etc.

Expected Results & Optional Extras:

We expect employees will find the challenge to be an extremely enjoyable experience with the added benefit of building team spirit and engagement across different parts of the organisation.

Note – we are able to vary challenges to Client requirements, e.g. one company cycled to Amsterdam as a collective effort for charity.

No limit applies to the number of participants.

Our qualified Fitness Instructor can be on hand as an optional extra, to motivate teams while ensuring the safe running of the challenge.

We can also offer additional extras such as bespoke branding, display areas, etc. Please contact us for details.

This company challenge is a great way of building team spirit while boosting participants overall wellbeing. This is a great challenge for your team to remember.
— Maeve Kenny - Fitness Instructor

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