Our team have a pragmatic approach to assessments and it is based upon proactive and engaged employees. The long term benefits of our approach extend beyond the workstation and into their overall health and wellbeing.

Workstation assessments are seen as a tick box exercise and just carrying out the bare minimum on a paper form. Compliance rates have been generally poor and rates of MSK problems in the workplace  are still on the rise.

We strive to implement a true change at the workstation.


Programme Structure:

  • Phase 1 - Booking and Pre-Assessment Questionnaire: The employee is sent a short, standard questionnaire (less than 5 mins) to complete prior to their assesment. This information is reviewed by the assessor, then our online booking link becomes available.

  • Phase 2 - Ergonomic Assessment: The assessor arrives at the desk and a full Ergonomics Assessment is completed. All legislative requirements are covered. Emphasis is placed on Postural Correction and Body Awareness at the workstation.

  • Phase 3 - Assessment Report, eLearning and App Based Rehab: A digital report is generated and emailed to the employee. All recommendations and interventions will be included. Individualised desk based rehab programme via our App is provided and access to our eLearning is portal is also available.

Efficient and Fully Compliant Assessments:

Our approach breaks the mould of the generic ergonomics assessment, while also ensuring full compliance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007.

The use of the commonly used Online Ergonomic System is not compliant with this and we do not advocate this approach. Our innovative assessment utilises technology to enhance the original format and improve the employee’s experience. By using technology to create a more efficient integrated assessment, we are able to gather more information and implement a greater change in a shorter time frame.


Our Ergonomics Team

Assessors: Our team of ISCP (Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists) registered assessors have gone through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that their qualifications and experience match our requirements, but also their personalities match our ethos. We believe that physiotherapists are best placed to instigate a true change at the workstation. Their expertise and knowledge is invaluable to our approach.

Training: We provide continuous in-house training to all of our Chartered Physiotherapist assessors in relation to the assessment, additional postural clinical best practice and in the use of our system.

Operations Team: We are well versed in organising and arranging both large and small scale operations. We have robust Standard Operating Procedures already in place. Assessments can be booked according to your needs. A large number of assessments can be completed altogether or as required on an ongoing basis.

Scheduling: All scheduling and days required can be adapted to suit your needs. We offer Speciality assessments or half/full days with all the assessments booked together.

Compliance Database:

A key element to our ergonomics service is our Compliance Database. This allows you to manage all of your ergonomics obligations effectively. All of the data gathered from the assessments is stored in one place and so is used to enhance your ergonomics programme.

The database has a wide range of features to help improve the effectiveness of your Ergonomics Programme including providing an overview of compliance company wide, reducing administration and making data driven, informed decisions.

The system has the ability to generate reports for a variety of issues:

  • Musculoskeletal Trends
  • Furniture Alterations
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Common Adjustments
  • And many more
By modernising the procedure and integrating the assessment with the knowledge of Physiotherapists, we have made the process far more interactive and effective. Our innovative solution will meet all of your organisation’s needs and much, much more.
— Brian Crinnion - Chartered Physiotherapist

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