What is Thrive in Life Financial Wellness?

We can provide practical tips for employees on understanding and utilising employment benefits, maximising tax credits and allowances, and looking at investment essentials. We are all about impartial advice and not product sales. We can help employees understand the appropriate financial planning for them and their families.



We want to inspire employees, cover topical issues and give ease of access to the latest teaching from our experts to ultimately create a workplace of learning, communication and collaboration.

We have worked very hard to take another step up in 2016 to create topics that will be enjoyable and informative, providing a social event for your employees. We work with you to ensure we provide the right topics that are important, fun or both… these are not boring lectures!!

Each seminar will last approximately 30-40 minutes with adequate time for Q&A afterwards. The presentation will be emailed in advance to the client. We will also email a useful handout to accompany each talk, for distribution to all attendees.

We can also deliver back to back seminars or have a Wellness Expert on site to deliver an all day series of 6 Seminars. If you cant find the topic you are after, please contact us and we can discuss a topic to be designed and delivered, just for you.

Webinars on Demand

Our Webinars are convenient, informative and are available on demand, which allows for employees and their families to view whenever and wherever it is convenient to them regardless of their location.

We can work with you on the marketing of these webinars and release them on the date of your choice. All webinar recordings will be made available to all employees for 30 days from launch day.


What Our Experts Say

Our Financial Wellness is an important part of our wider health. We created this series of topics to help inform and empower people minus the technical jargon or sales pitch.
— Brendan Bartley - Financial Advisor

The Topics List

S =Available as Seminar / W = Available as Webinar / M = Delivered by Marquee Speaker

Budgeting For Success! New

Budgeting is the foundation stone to all our good financial practices, it all starts here. We need to get a handle on our monthly income and our recurring expenses. Do you run your household (personal finances) at a profit or a loss? How can we even go about establishing that much?
We share with you five easy ways to help you take control and make your take home pay go further. Our approach has been tried and tested and is practically based.

Borrowing Blues To Borrowing Better! New

How much of a deposit would I need for a home? What are the 3 key things that can reduce my debt? What practical steps can I take to make myself a better candidate for a loan further down the road? We’ll look at all these matters together with estimating monthly repayments for typical home loans. We’ll also see what rates of interest we should be paying in the marketplace.

We’ll address the best ways to keep our home and other loans under control, including credit card/ debit card debt. For those of us that are finding our debts a little bit unmanageable we suggest resources where you can get free, impartial advice to try get you back on track. All these topics, and more, are addressed in this session which often proves very interactive, because let’s face it, most of us can’t avoid debt.

Save for A rainy day, invest for the future!

In this seminar we’ll discuss the risks and rewards of investing and how they’re inextricably linked. We’ll also do an exercise to try to score ourselves as cautious investors, somewhat balanced or outright adventurous in our approach to returns.

Our seminar will consider 4 or 5 asset types where you can invest your funds and the possible volatility associated with each. We’ll also help out with practical ways of trying to minimise investment risk, maximise returns and achieve balance and diversification. Finally we’ll consider when it might be appropriate to consider risk and the financial lifecycle we all experience with our earnings and savings capacity during our careers.

Protecting our income & loved ones! NEW!

What would your loved ones survive on if you died before retirement? Can you replace your earnings if you were too sick to work long term? We consider the real issues here, the adequacy of any provisions, when we’re financially most vulnerable and taking affirmative steps to provide peace of mind. We can’t stop bad things happening in our lives but, with protection, we can help to minimise the financial impacts!
For those individuals with significant personal wealth there can be penal taxes payable on death. We consider a tax efficient way of addressing this issue, paying off taxes due and leaving survivors with debt free assets!

Are you ready for retirement! NEW!

For most of us, our pension could represent the 2nd biggest asset of our lives and this topic is all about impartial advice for you, not product sales. Are you well positioned for your own retirement? Well most of us can’t really answer that as we mostly don’t read, let alone understand, the pension statement we get annually.

This seminar is all about empowering you around your pension. We’ll show you how to personalise your own approach to retirement, making sure that you’re happy with the investment risks you’re taking on. We’ll also explain the flexible options you can consider at retirement.

Personal Taxes – boot camp! NEW!

Do you truly understand the deductions from your pay cheque each month? Even for PAYE workers it’s all a bit confusing between taxes, PRSI, USC, cut off points etc. etc. What impact would it have if we worked shorter hours or if our partner left the workforce as a stay at home parent or to care for their parents?

In this practical workshop we’ll try make sense of it all. We’ll also outline your responsibilities to file tax returns and pay taxes due, especially for those who receive shares as part of their reward package. We’ll also outline for you some of the credits, exemptions, allowances that you may be leaving on the table. Better in your hands that in the taxman’s!

The sandwich generation NEW!

The experts say that our capacity to earn money probably peaks, around our late 40s. Would you agree with that? Well it’s also true for many in this age category that they find that they’re also very exposed with expensive outgoings. Just think, you’re earning decent money but you’ve got an expensive mortgage, a young family of dependent children, you’re running 2 cars, meeting school fees, club memberships etc. In addition many mature adults now find that their parent/s have survived to their late 70s and beyond, but there are growing concerns around their ability to live independently.

How do we manage the competing draw on our money? How will we finance our kids’ education and manage the costs associated with our parents needing fulltime care or moving in with us? This topic deals sympathetically with the issues, and suggests possible financial approaches and solutions around financing through this transition of our lives.

Financial 101

We all try to manage our money as best we can day to day, but with so many things to worry about in life it’s hard to keep on top of your financial status.

This topic will give you simple strategies to improve your savings plans, track your spending and manage debt.

Help, I’m a self-employed contractor! NEW!

This session has a razor focus on the specific needs of contractors. How do they account for taxes to the Revenue? What rate of PRSI is appropriate and what benefits might they be entitled to? There’s even special rules around how to arrive at their profit figure for tax purposes.

Our presenters include Chartered Tax Advisors and ex Revenue staff who are ideally placed to provide real insight into your requirements. We’ll also explain how contractors go about attending to their own pension and life assurance needs, given that they’ll be excluded from the employer’s arrangements.

You and your family’s financial future

This is such an important part of your financial planning yet a lot of us don’t have the time to think about it. This topic will identify financial risks for you and your family and touch on topics such as Life Cover, Inheritance Tax and financially providing for your loved ones.

This is all about impartial advice for you, not product sales. We can help you understand how to find the best way to protect your family’s financial future.

Financial Planning

This topic will provide practical tips on understanding and utilising your employment benefits, maximising tax credits and allowances, and looking at investment essentials.

This seminar is all about impartial advice for you, not product sales. We can help you understand the appropriate financial planning for you and your family.

Budgeting for the Season

We all are inclined to spend more than what we should, especially at certain times of the year and sometimes suffer the consequences down the line.

This useful topic will give you practical financial tips on how to manage your money sensibly in the lead up to Christmas and how to achieve financial wellbeing. Topics covered include: how to make informed decisions, learning how to use credit wisely, money saving tips and tricks, budgeting, and managing and planning for the future.

Investing in the stock markets NEW!

Many of us would love an opportunity to invest our own money in our way, bypassing the so-called experts and financial institutions. But is that possible, and if so, how much money would you need to have to make it realistic? Well that’s the thrust of this talk. We’ll look at how ‘self – directed’ investments work, where you can start and how you go about setting up your own structure. With some structures it’s also possible to set them up tax efficiently with tax relief on the contributions and no tax on the investments as they grow.

Sound interesting? Well come along to this seminar and see how it all works. However we want to be balanced in our approach to this, whilst all these things may be possible, sometimes we need to be protected from ourselves! We’ll consider investment risk as well as investment opportunity.

The pre-retirement cohort NEW!

Will you be retiring within the next few years? If so you’ll need to plan strategically for the big changes coming down the tracks. This programme sets out the monetary matters that will be important before and after your retirement. Are you familiar with your Social Welfare entitlements, pensions and other benefits? When will they start, how much will they be and do I need to actually claim them.

We’ll also consider your private pension savings and any other personal savings that can be used to generate income after you’ve stopped working. How will it all compare to what you’re earning now? We’ll also consider international issues for those that wish to return or retire overseas. Bring on retirement!

Those leaving through right-sizing NEW!

This workshop will take employees through the redundancy and tax calculations as they leave, explaining their options in a plain English approach. We’ll also discuss entitlements and supports available from the Dept. Of Social Protection for those seeking work.

In addition we’ll examine the use to which you might put your termination payment, should you reduce your mortgage, invest the sum for the longer term or use it as seed capital for starting your own business?


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