Sleep 101

How to get more and better sleep

Our busy lifestyle has caused us to develop some bad sleeping habits that have led to inadequate sleep pattern, poor performance and health problems like depression, anxiety, obesity and more. Sleep serves a vital role to keep us functioning from day to day and directly affects our coordination, mood, energy and general health.

This is a very interesting and helpful topic that will outline some surprising risk factors associated with sleep disorders and the importance of a good night’s sleep to your overall health. We will provide some practical techniques, healthy habits and information on how to create a healthy sleep environment to help you achieve a more high-quality sleep.

The video will be available for all GSK employees to watch from Thursday 03rd September and will remain live until Thursday 01st October 2015. 

In addition to the video, we have created a useful handout  which you can print out and refer back to some of the key points covered in our presentation.