HealthScore is an online health assessment used to identify possible health issues and stress points. The HealthScore screening is a quick way for your employees to evaluate their physical & mental well-being. We will direct participants to accessible treatment paths such as EAP, eLearning or wider support groups.

Participants complete an online, 100% confidential questionnaire to determine an overall score for the level of health and general well-being at that time. This score is delivered through a fully customised report which will appear on their webpage, seconds after submissions (optionally, participants can choose to have the report delivered to their inbox).

This online tool is designed for access any place via any device. Each employee who takes the assessment will be given a HealthScore along with a personalised report which will outline their next steps, which may include an e-learning course based on their findings.

HealthScore has been designed by some of Ireland’s leading Wellness Experts to help people understand their own health.


The Screen

HealthScore combines an innovative approach to employee engagement with industry leading expertise in health & wellness to create a screen that is modern, insightful, mobile based and has a focus on actionable outcomes both at an employee and organisation level. The areas we address in our questionnaire are as follows:

  • Attitudes & Lifestyle
  • Exercise
  • Weight issues
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Work/ Life Balance
  • Financial Wellness
  • Sleep
  • Alcohol & Smoking
  • Emotional Wellbeing

The Score

We've built a scoring algorithm that enables us to provide each employee with a health score, while also providing the company a score for the entire company.

Within both the employee and company report this score is broken up per section with recommendations for each section on how to improve the score in the future.

The patient will receive a detailed report and health score directly to their inbox.


Employee & Corporate report

In addition to an overall HealthScore, participants are given personalised feedback on each section and a breakdown on how they scored on each one.

In addition to an employee report, corporate clients with a headcount of over 100 will received a corporate report giving the company an overall HealthScore.

We can aggregate data confidentially and report across the organisation by department, management, etc. All the while, participant confidentiality is assured.


Also contained within the personalised report will be opportunities for participants to access eLearning streams relevant to the areas they may have achieved mid to low scores.

These eLearning streams each have a quick and easy enrolment and streams include ‘Exercise - Getting More active’, ‘Nutrition 101 - Making Healthy Choices’, and ‘Emotional Wellbeing - Improving your mental health’ among many others.

Physical and mental health are connected in many ways, which feed into our overall health. It is important to give good care and attention to each one. HealthScore has been designed to give employees insights into how their lifestyle is affecting their health and what they can do to more positively influence it.
— Stuart McGoldrick - Group CEO - Spectrum Health

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