This innovative 12 month package includes Videos, Blogs, E Books, E Wellness and other useful resources emailed directly to your organisation each month.

Each monthly topic is designed around different topics covering a broad spectrum of wellness themes including Mental Health, Financial Wellness, Nutrition & Diet, Exercise, Parenting & Sleep.


Programme Structure:

  • We will send an E shot to our contact in each organisation on the 2nd Tuesday of each month with a link to the relevant Thrive homepage for any given month. This E Shot can then be distributed internally to all employees.

  • The monthly web page will contain a 15 minute (approx) video presented by our wellness expert.

  • The monthly web page will contain a blog in support of the video, written by our wellness expert.

  • Additional resources such as weight loss journals, recipe booklets, financial calculators, etc. will be included where appropriate for each months topic.

  • Clients do not have to sign up at the beginning of each calendar year. Our calendar of events will be ongoing, meaning companies can be sure of receiving a 12 month programme, irrespective of sign up date.

Who Will Deliver It?

Our wide panel of Wellness Experts are leaders in their fields. We have a team of parenting coaches, sleep technicians, psychologists, dietitians, nutritionists, fitness instructors and financial advisor's who have been carefully selected to deliver these monthly programmes.

Number Of Participants:

There is no limit on numbers and content will be made available to all employees within your organisation.

Expected Results:

We expect your employees will gain a good understanding of each months topics and be given the tools and information they need to make real changes to their lifestyle, which not only address existing health issues but provide education to employees (and their spouses) and empower them to make lifestyle changes which in themselves become good habits, for life.


Topics Calendar 2017

  • January – Healthy Choices
  • March - Financial Wellness
  • May - Stress
  • July - Your Body
  • September - Parenting
  • November - Nutrition
  • February - Resilience
  • April - Exercise
  • June - Sleep
  • August - Mindfulness
  • October - Mental Health Support
  • December - Life Balance
Ignite is an ideal way of delivering a Health & Wellness programme directly to your employees. We have taken great care in choosing the right topics, delivered by the right team of wellness experts using our E Learning programme.
— Stuart McGoldrick, Group CEO Spectrum Health

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