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Making cancer less frightening by enlightening

The Marie Keating Foundation is dedicated to making cancer less frightening by enlightening people with valuable information they can apply to their everyday lives. Survival rates for most cancers are improving. This is the single most important fact that people should be aware of. For example, in relation to breast cancer, the five year survival rate in Ireland stands at 80% and this rate continues to rise.


There are two options available on how you would like this service delivered:


Option 1:

A nurse can be made available for 2 to 2 ½ hours to deliver a seminar. Each Seminar lasts approximately 30 minutes time for Q & A afterwards.

They can deliver seminars centred around men or women’s cancer awareness or as a generalised topic. Seminars can include all areas of cancer topics including prostate/breast/ovarian/testicular/mouth/skin. The nurse also sets up an info stand for people who couldn’t make it to the seminar or want to ask questions in a more private setting. Visuals i.e. tar in a jar, are included in every talk and each talk is accompanied with information packs relevant to the campaign running that month with support numbers/groups.

Option 2:

The Marie Keating Foundation can provide a mobile unit on site with a staff nurse available all day (cost is €500). The mobile unit takes up approximately 4 car parking spaces.

One on one meetings can be scheduled throughout the day for people at 10/15 minute intervals, or it allows for an open schedule so that employees can visit throughout the day at their convenience, and are encouraged to visit in groups of 2 or 3 if they feel more comfortable. This also includes some visuals such as tar in a jar / units of alcohol and the nurse can test carbon monoxide levels which is a wonderful tool for smokers.

There are no checks or physical tests done and are essentially short private consultations.

The option of the mobile unit can be combined with short 30 minute talks on site also.

The Marie Keating Foundation now also offer skin screening which can be included as part of the service above upon request

It can be incorporated as part of a nurse visit for either a ½ or a full day (either indoor or with the mobile unit). Some companies may just want to do a skin cancer awareness session for their staff while others are happy that we bring this along with all our information and teaching aids on all cancers. We can also accommodate one to one slots for 10/15 minutes – with the emphasis on skin damage and awareness. The facial skin scanners just show the damage caused by UV light to the skin – they do not provide printouts or assessments.


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