Mental Health Ambassadors


This concept is an internal Client advertising programme aimed at getting the Client employees themselves taking ownership and getting engaged in eradicating any stigma attached with mental health problems.


In essence this is a modern campaign around the employees themselves and mental health that will break down stigma attached to mental health issues and create a refreshing sense of honesty throughout the organisation.


Programme Structure:

Stage 1: Launch

Launch the Client Mental Health Ambassadors programme with Counselling Psychologist or Alan Quinlan

At the end of the speech, our Counselling Psychologists will introduce the Mental Health Ambassador programme, giving an overview of what it aims to achieve and the reasons behind implementation. They will finish up by encouraging Client employees to volunteer to be Mental Health ambassadors within Client when they are asked.

A follow up email will reinforce the message and give further instructions on how employees can come forward as volunteers. This will be done anonymously and they will be able to download a very comprehensive FAQ’s before they agree to sign up, clarifying the very little that we are asking them to do. They will also sign a waiver ensuring no responsibility for the client.

Time needed: Circa one month after booking. Subject to availability.

Stage 2: Ambassador Selection & Interview

These volunteers will need to be prepared to be interviewed and photographed to share their experiences, their success or their on-going challenges. Our Counselling Psychologist will meet and vet all candidates to make sure they are ready for this.

Ideally we get 5 to 10 ambassadors from all walks of life in a company (senior, junior, new comers, board member, security team etc.).

Selection interviews will be conducted with one of our Psychologists in our nearest clinic or other suitable setting. These will be an informal chat where our psychologist will get to know the volunteer and learn more about the difficulties they have faced. Afterwards the ambassador will be photographed for the campaign posters, one hiding the identity and one unveiling the identity. The tagline for the poster will be agreed with the ambassador.

Ultimately, we are asking people to tell their own story and this can impart the biggest positive change in stigmatising attitudes (which the most damaging of all is the stigma that people with Mental Health problems can give themselves….)

Time needed: One month after launch


Stage 3 - Part One

There are two parts of this campaign.

Part one: Mystery Ambassador & Voting

The first is a series of five to ten posters (these can be swapped for landing pages, email templates, intranet pages, depending on your internal marketing restrictions). These posters will reveal the different difficulties our ambassadors have faced without revealing their identity by using silhouettes, faces blacked out, masks, or holding up question marks.

Each poster will also ask a simple question, engaging all Client employees to respond by clicking on a link or scanning the QR Code where the Client employee will be brought to a bespoke landing page with a simple YES / NO answer to the poster’s question.

Time needed: Prep 2 weeks after Stage 2

Stage 3 - Part Two

Part Two: Unveil the results & Ambassador

We expect that Client employees will overwhelmingly vote that they have no reason to be embarrassed, allowing us to unmask the Client employees and start the process of them sharing their mental health problems.

Along with revealing the identity of our Ambassador, our campaign posters will also have the “thank you to the 98% of Client employees who think we should all be open about mental health”. A very powerful strapline to make a Client employee who may be finding it hard to take that first step and seek help.

Time needed: 2 weeks voting after voting is complete.


Stage 4: Mental Health Ambassadors

  • Through the year we will engage with the Mental Health Ambassadors to share their experiences via:
  • Webinars & Talks (for those willing & able)
  • Quotes on their experiences and pre-recorded videos (for those less comfortable with public speaking).

Genuine involvement by Client employees for Client employees will make a huge difference as their experiences, challenges, expectations etc. will be broadly similar. We suggest providing free of charge on-going support to the Client Mental Health ambassadors, although we are expecting them to find this a positive and liberating experience.

Stage 5: External PR (post campaign)

We would suggest that data recorded is shared internationally and let Client employees be proud if they have managed to throw stereotypes out of the window. We suggest that the focus of this PR is about the amazing Client employees, rather than the amazing Client, a small distinction.


Who Will Deliver It?

This will be managed by a combination of the marketing team and counselling psychology team and may involve a keynote speaker for the launch (Our Wellness Ambassadors, Alan Quinlan or Bressie, can be on hand to launch the event at an extra cost).

Expected Results & Measurement:

We expect that over 95% will vote against stigma.

We will report on:
We will track and report on:

  • Numbers of applications to be Mental Health Ambassadors
  • Numbers that we select as being appropriate for Mental Health Ambassadors
  • Numbers of employees who voted and results as a percentage
  • Quarterly feedback by a Counselling Phycologist on the status of all Mental Health Ambassadors
The only shameful thing about mental illness is the stigma attached to it. This programme has a powerful impact which is designed to break down barriers and to inform people that there should be no distinction between one illness or another.
— Dr Sarah O'Neill - Counselling Psychologist

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