Mental Health Manager Workshop


Let’s train & support your companies management teams because understanding changes everything…..

Our Organisational Psychology and Counselling Psychology team are here to guide managers make their workplace more mentally healthy. We suggest one 2 hour workshop, to be delivered in 2 x 1 hour segments.
We will bring managers through tried-and-tested solutions, practical approaches and show some case studies to reinforce how it can work.


Programme Structure:

2 hour workshop delivered in 2 segments, each lasting 1 hour.

Part 1: Becoming Aware

  • Introduction to mental health
  • Taking stock of their team’s mental health
  • How to start a conversation about mental health
  • Understand different scenarios around supporting employees experiencing stress or a mental health problem
  • Understand the links between mental wellbeing, employee engagement and increased productivity
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships in your team
  • Promote open dialogue and employee engagement
  • Understand their legal duties and where to get help

This will be an interactive discussion enabling a sharing of experiences between your team.

Part 2: Becoming the Change

  • We will explain to them the associated company policies and procedures and why they are important
  • We explain the key role of managers
  • We will guide them on the details of the EAP programme and what this means for them and for their team
  • We will help them understand the complexity of a work/life balance policy
  • We will make sure that managers lead from the front in a positive mental health strategy.

Who Will Deliver It?

A Counselling or Organisational Psychologist, with skills in a wide range of psychological approaches, including Mindfulness, will deliver the programme

All of our Psychologists are fully qualified and hold current membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

Expected Results:

We expect your management team to leave with a clear understanding of what mental health is, how to identify its symptoms and how to assist and support employees who are experiencing issues around their mental health. This programme will give your management team the tools and information they need to empower and inform themselves and their teams around mental health.

Number Of Participants:

Groups are limited to 10 participants in each group.

There are strong links between mental wellbeing, team member engagement and increased productivity. this course will help your management team understand and engage with employees who are experiencing difficulties around mental health.
— Dr. Richard Meacham, Counselling Psychologist

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