MindScore is an online mental health assessment used to identify possible health issues and direct participants to accessible treatment paths such as EAP, eLearning or wider support groups.

Participants complete an online, 100% confidential questionnaire which uses evidence based diagnostic tools to determine an overall score for the level of mental health at that time. This score is delivered through a fully customised report which will appear on their webpage, seconds after submissions (optionally, participants can choose to have the report delivered to their inbox.

This online tool is designed for access any place via any device. Each employee who takes the assessment will be given a MindScore along with a personalised report which will outline their next steps, which may include an assigned Think Well or e-learning course based on their findings.

Employee & Corporate Report

In addition to an overall MindScore, participants are given personalised feedback on various other potential mental issues and how they scored on each one. These issues include:

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Mood Levels
  • Food & Eating
  • Addiction

In addition to an employee report, corporate clients with a headcount of over 100 will received a corporate report giving the company an overall MindScore and aggregate, anonymous data and how it scored in each section over various demographics and departments.


Also contained within the personalised report will be opportunities for participants to access mental health eLearning streams relevant to the areas they may have score poorly on.

These eLearning streams each have a quick and easy enrolment and streams include ‘Stressbusters’, ‘Happiness 101’, and ‘Resilience Training’ among others.


How Will Mindscore Work?


Why choose Mindscore?

Informs Employees & The Organisations:

Ultimately, MindScore sets a benchmark of mental health for both employees and organisations by providing insights and clarity never before known. This gives participants the opportunity to reflect on any mental health issues gives them the opportunity to understand and confront them.

Provides Proactive & Reactive Solutions:

MindScore is not just a survey or questionnaire – it’s a fully personalised assessment tool that provides that gives employees and organisation to tackle any issues through correctly routing different participants to the most appropriate care pathway – which for most will a relevant eLearning. For some however, this may be the advice to seek help immediately as their MindScore has suggested suicidality for example.

Reduces Stigma Around Mental Health:

People with mental health problems say that the social stigma attached to mental ill health and the discrimination they experience can make their difficulties worse and make it harder to recover. Research shows that the best way to challenge these stereotypes is through first-hand contact with people with experience of mental health problems. A companywide approach to tackle and recognising mental health issues will go a long way to reducing stigma associated with mental health.

The Mindscore Mental Health Screen is a unique, new way of evaluating your mental fitness. Mindscore helps you determine if your recent thoughts or behaviours may be associated with a common, treatable mental health issue. .
— Dr. Sarah O'Neill, Counselling Psychologist

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