Operation Transformation Programme +


Programme Type:

Operation transformation has been a hugely successful and very popular weight loss programme broadcast on RTE television since 2008. We have devised a programme to run concurrently with the series which will be a great opportunity to get employees working together to lose weight and become healthier.


We will encourage the participants to follow a leader on the programme and use their diet and fitness regimes created by Dietitian Aoife Hearne, Doctor Ciara Kelly, Fitness Instructor Karl Henry & Psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy.


The Programme + package includes a complete marketing package, on site weigh-in with our dietitian or nutritionist, registrations and online support through a webpage where bi-weekly webinars and blogs will be posted.  In addition, our fitness instructor will be on-site twice weekly to provide a supervised 0-5K running programme.


Who will deliver it?

Our team of qualified dietitians and fitness instructors will be available as part of the Platinum package.


Number of participants:

The programme is limited to 40 people.

Extra groups can be facilitated on discussion.



Programme Structure:

  • We will provide a complete marketing package for the event to include e-vites and posters.
  • We will take all registrations for the programme.
  • We will provide a dietitian/nutritionist on-site each week to conduct weigh ins.
  • We will provide a newsletter every 2 weeks providing information on nutrition, fitness and offering motivational tips. 
  • We will host an on demand webinar every 2 weeks from a wellness expert to deliver talks about healthy eating, motivation and staying fit, giving them the support to make the healthy changes in their lives.
  • We will provide a Fitness Instructor twice weekly to provide a supervised 0-5K Running programme to help people to start moving more, improve their fitness and ultimately lose weight.


Expected Results:

By the end of the 8 week programme, employees will hopefully have lost weight in a healthy manner and have the knowledge to maintain it at a healthy level. We do not set % weight loss targets but we will record them weekly with out on-site dietitian.

In addition, we expect employees will find the challenge an extremely enjoyable experience with the added benefit of building team spirit and engagement across different parts of the organisation. 


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