Wellness Day

Mental health is a key part of your overall health and wellness, but often we don’t give it the attention it requires. The key to maintaining a healthy mind is to change daily behavioural habits. Oxford International invite you to our wellness day where a team of experts will evaluate, engage and motivate you to Think Well!

Seminars include:

  • Building Resilience
  • Improving your EQ
  • Making Productivity a Habit
  • Motiv8 Me

Further details on each seminar can be found below. There is no need to register, simply attend on the day.

Motiv8 Me

Why are some people so successful in reaching their goals? Highly motivated people consistently reach their goals not simply because of who they are but more often because of what they do. By looking at what these highly motivated people do differently, it can not only teach the rest of us but also inspire us. Learning from others can help when you’re feeling stuck or frustrated with yourself, or losing motivation to create new, inspiring good habits.This seminar gives different insights into how highly motivated people approach their challenges in life to get to where they want to go.

When: The seminar will take place on Friday October 27th at 14:00. Duration will be 40 minutes with Q&A.

Making Productivity a Habit

In this seminar, we show you how being productive is simply a matter of choosing to work smart every day. Why not ask successful people what their productivity secret is and they’ll probably say it’s consistent daily habits. But what exactly are habits, and why are good ones so difficult to form? This seminar tackles the answers from a psychology and business leadership perspective.

When: The seminar will take place on Friday October 27th at 14:40. Duration will be 40 minutes with Q&A.

Improving your EQ

EQ (Emotional Quotient) is the single psychological measure which can predict success within the workplace. EQ helps us not only be a success at work, but in our relationships, with family, friends and our community and helps us improve our relationship with ourselves.

We will look specifically at the skills which you can use to improve your EQ, using practical exercises, and putting together the building blocks for a personal plan to improve your EQ step by step.

When: The seminar will take place on Friday October 27th at 15:30. Duration will be 40 minutes with Q&A.

Building Resilience

This exciting talk focuses on the area of tackling stress and promoting wellness by enhancing resilience. Using evidence based tools for resilience building and wellness promotion based on the science of positive psychology.

Discover the key pillars that help you perform consistently in a range of situations under pressure while maintaining high levels of energy and stamina. We’ll introduce you to the Key Pillars of Emotional Regulation, Optimism, Causal Analysis, Empathy, Reaching Out and Self Efficacy.This topic will provide you with the tools to improve your resilience and perform in all aspects of your life.

When: The seminar will take place on Friday October 27th at 16:10. Duration will be 40 minutes with Q&A.