Smoking Cessation Programme 1


Our team of wellness experts can help you to kick the habit once and for all. Addiction to nicotine can be very difficult to overcome. However, it is not impossible. Our philosophy is not to just ignore the excuses or simply refuse to accept them but to empower each employee to be able to either discard each and every one of their excuses themselves. Research clearly shows that group therapy and self-help assisted programmes are more effective than other methods in helping people to quit. In fact self-help assisted programmes like ours have been shown to be 51% effective, which is quite a good outcome when compared to a 15% for Nicotine Replacement Therapy, 23% for GP Prescription drugs and 31% for the e -cigarette.


Studies have shown that it takes at least 6 weeks post quitting before the amount of nicotinic receptors in the brain return to the level of a non-smoker. Our programmes are all 8 weeks long and you won’t be forced to quit on the first day or any day. You will make the decision yourself when you are ready and we see that generally happens in weeks 3 or 4.


Who Will Deliver It?

A Clinical Psychologist will deliver the programme.

We are extremely well trained in helping people overcome addiction. Of the 50% that completed the programme, 61% quit smoking. In a group therapy setting our Psychologist works with employees to help them unravel the psychological factors and the emotional reasons that may have contributed to the reason that they are still smoking. We provide each employee with the strategies and skills needed to refrain from smoking, as well as helping them to cope with the withdrawal symptoms they are likely to suffer.

Programme Structure:

Attendee Limit
Groups are limited 10 persons. Sign up is closed one weeks before hand and opens 3 weeks in advance.

Number of sessions:
8 x one hour Group Sessions with a Counselling Psychologist.

The participants will also receive weekly emails to the address they register with to help them with their decision to quit smoking. They focus on areas of diet & nutrition, cravings, fitness, struggles participants will face and how to manage their own journey.


Group Sessions:

Maximum of 10 per group. These sessions will be led by a Psychologist and the therapy is based around the stages of change to assist individuals in establishing an awareness and motivation to change their behaviour. Self-help materials will be provided and results recorded.

Expected Results & Measurement:

We expect 50% of those who start the programme to overcome the addiction to nicotine by breaking the addiction through our though process and methods.

We will report on:

  • Average attendance at group sessions
  • How many participants quit smoking
  • Their level of interaction within the group
  • What participants found most helpful
  • If participants returned to smoking within a short time of completing the programme
  • Psychologists feedback on the group and their interest levels
Giving up smoking is hard, and without the right support, lapsing back into old habits becomes easy. Our Quit Smoking programmes are designed offer support every step of the way and have been proven to be extremely effective. We will help your employees to call it quits - for good!
— Susannah Healy - Psychologist

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