Stress Busters Video Series

This is a one week skills programme delivered on demand by video, which delivers effective training to the employees themselves to better manage their own stress at work. 

We all know what we're supposed to do to reduce stress: Get more sleep. Exercise regularly. Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol. Set priorities. Work more efficiently. Plan ahead. And yet we're more stressed out than ever. We can help. Full of actionable advice this one week skills programme will give you short- and long term ways to relieve stress and boost your energy and productivity.

This is a 5 day E-Learning programme with a video and a tips/worksheet blog delivered daily. It will be delivered by our Counselling Psychologist, Richard Meachem.

Not all stress is bad. In fact, we need stress in our lives. The problem is when we experience too much and get into a negative spiral.
This course will show you how to identify and take charge of the stress in your life.
— Dr. Richard Meachem, Stress Busters' Counselling Psychologist

What Employees Will Learn?

  • How to recharge your batteries, physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • How to harness stress so that it spurs your productivity
  • Some techniques to calm yourself by venting, meditating, and/or giving yourself a time out
  • Some tips on improving the quantity and the quality of your sleep
  • Some work life balance thoughts (particularly focused on making use of your home time)
  • Manage your online time—or advice how to give yourself a sabbatical from it altogether
  • How to leave a bad day at the office door

Programme Structure

  • Participants enrol to our E-Learning course
  • 5 X Videos, delivered each day.
  • 10 X Blogs
  • Each day, participants will be asked to complete a short quiz before moving on to the next chapter

Number of Participants

There is no limit on the number of participants for this E Learning course.


Interested in stress busters?

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