What is Thrive in Body Exercise & Fitness?

Regular exercise is key to maintaining physical fitness and good health. The health benefits are hard to ignore and our topics are designed to get employees moving and to keep moving! Our Thrive in Body Exercise & Fitness seminar and webinar topics list provides a comprehensive range of topics to engage employees to help them set and achieve their fitness goals. 



We want to inspire employees, cover topical issues and give ease of access to the latest teaching from our experts to ultimately create a workplace of learning, communication and collaboration.

We have worked very hard to take another step up in 2016 to create topics that will be enjoyable and informative, providing a social event for your employees. We work with you to ensure we provide the right topics that are important, fun or both… these are not boring lectures!!

Each seminar will last approximately 30-40 minutes with adequate time for Q&A afterwards. The presentation will be emailed in advance to the client. We will also email a useful handout to accompany each talk, for distribution to all attendees.

We can also deliver back to back seminars or have a Wellness Expert on site to deliver an all day series of 6 Seminars. If you cant find the topic you are after, please contact us and we can discuss a topic to be designed and delivered, just for you.

Webinars on demand

Our Webinars are convenient, informative and are available on demand, which allows for employees and their families to view whenever and wherever it is convenient to them regardless of their location.

We can work with you on the marketing of these webinars and release them on the date of your choice. All webinar recordings will be made available to all employees for 30 days from launch day.


What Our Experts Say

Training people to reach their own personal fitness goals is a true pleasure & honour for me. I love to share in the accomplishments of all my clients, ranging from complete beginners to those who want to excel further.
— Maeve Kenny - Fitness Instructor

The Topics List

S =Available as Seminar / W = Available as Webinar / M = Delivered by Marquee Speaker

Beginning to Run NEW!

A step by step approach

Don’t know where to start? Runnings not for you? Too embarrassed to run? Is there a technique? Do I have to wear special gear? Grass or concrete?
All of these questions and probably more will go through your mind if you’re thinking of starting to run. Our Fitness Expert will address your fears, answer your questions, help you understand the correct and effective technique, form and posture to get you motivated and informed, & to help you sustain a good pace.

Getting out of your comfort zone NEW!

Let’s mix it up in 2016!

So you might have a little more time now the working week is over and you’re looking to increase your activity. Ever tried turning that slow paced walk into a fast one, or turning the fast one into a light jog? Everyone has their limits and that’s allowed. The problem is getting stuck in a rut and not seeing the results you want. Of course, there’s lots of factors to consider when chasing a result, but what about changing it up, trying something new like boxercise, kettlebells, trx, swimming
With a world of choice out there, our Fitness Expert will take you through the motivational tips you need to go that little bit further and explain the benefits of changing it up.

HIIT workouts at home NEW!

Getting your heartrate up and body fat down in the comfort of your own home

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods
HIIT Workouts will get your heartrate up and your body fat down, with calories burning up to hours after the training session. Our Fitness Expert will explain why it works, and demonstrate what to do. You’ll leave with a combination of 3 different HIITS you can practice anywhere with little or no equipment.!

The Mind-Body Connection NEW!

How to Utilise Mindfulness Techniques to Improve Your Workout

A key element of mindfulness revolves around the body scan, where the practitioner thinks about every part of his or her body, from toe to top of the head, and assesses how each part feels. When working out, you can use a similar technique to ensure you are properly engaging the muscles. Not only will this get you stronger and aid in the efficacy of your workouts, but it will also help you to relax and more thoroughly engage with the actions you’re taking.
We’ll show you how.

Reducing the Risk of Running Injury NEW!

Do not let pain get in the way of running

How do we reduce the risk of injury? Posture, technique, footfall, breathing... all of these things contribute to your risk of injury free running. Understanding your thresholds is an important factor to increase your longevity and your running capabilities.
Our Fitness Instructor will take you through the steps of injury free running so that your steps are the best they can be.

Chi Running – what is it and is it for me? NEW!

Change the way you run

Chi Running is based on postural alignment combined with muscular relaxation. Using the principles of T'ai chi, a martial art which focuses on going with the flow of energy by being relaxed and aligned, the same principles are applied in Chi Running. Focus your mind and relax your body, all the while increasing your stamina, learning to run injury free, and changing the way you run for life.
We’ll introduce you to the concept and principles.

Which workout is for which goal?

Get the most from your exercise

High-Intensity? Steady State? Cardio or Strength? What do these things mean, and how can I use them to reach my goals?
There are many different ideas about how best to train for fitness, muscle growth, fat loss, even longevity.
In this seminar, our trainer explains the differences between various types of training, and what you should do based on your personal goals.


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