What is thrive in Body?

Our Thrive in Body topics are designed around making sure that your body is working optimally at all times. We cover areas such as First Aid, Musculoskeletal issues, cardiovascular health, cancer awareness and others. Our seminar and webinar topics list provides a comprehensive range of topics to engage employees to help them stay on top of their physical wellbeing.



We want to inspire employees, cover topical issues and give ease of access to the latest teaching from our experts to ultimately create a workplace of learning, communication and collaboration.

We have worked very hard to take another step up in 2016 to create topics that will be enjoyable and informative, providing a social event for your employees. We work with you to ensure we provide the right topics that are important, fun or both… these are not boring lectures!!

Each seminar will last approximately 30-40 minutes with adequate time for Q&A afterwards. The presentation will be emailed in advance to the client. We will also email a useful handout to accompany each talk, for distribution to all attendees.

We can also deliver back to back seminars or have a Wellness Expert on site to deliver an all day series of 6 Seminars. If you cant find the topic you are after, please contact us and we can discuss a topic to be designed and delivered, just for you.

Webinars on demand

Our Webinars are convenient, informative and are available on demand, which allows for employees and their families to view whenever and wherever it is convenient to them regardless of their location.

We can work with you on the marketing of these webinars and release them on the date of your choice. All webinar recordings will be made available to all employees for 30 days from launch day.


What Our Experts Say

The big health problem in Ireland is reacting to preventable, chronic illness. Our Be Well topics are designed to help improve employee health, encourage employee wellness, and vastly reduce the impact to the business from preventable lifestyle disease.
— Stuart McGoldrick - Group CEO, Spectrum Health

The Topics List

S =Available as Seminar / W = Available as Webinar / M = Delivered by Marquee Speaker

Healthy Back at Work

Our Chartered Physios are the experts

You don’t need to be injured or be active to suffer from aches & pains; in fact those of us that are inactive tend to suffer most with pains and tightness in our muscles.
If are you suffering from back pain, headaches or poor posture from sitting at your desk, from standing too long or from incorrect lifting? Or simply want to get some tips for your general back-care? Then this is the talk for you!

Avoiding Repetitive Strain

Repetitive strain is easy to avoid, hard to cure

Spending long hours at a workstation or in front of a computer everyday can lead us to overuse muscles in the hands, wrists and other areas which can cause a repetitive stress injury. As it increasingly becomes common among many individuals to use computers at work and home, it is important to introduce some useful tips on how to avoid these injuries.
During this helpful topic our Physiotherapist will show you how to reduce muscle stress in cases of long hours of repetitive work and create a stress-free work station. We will discuss the importance of taking frequent breaks and how often, changing the position of your body and some simple exercise techniques that can help you rest your muscles from repetitive strain.

Looking after your back during pregnancy

Some great advice to minimise back pain

Some women suffer with back ache throughout their pregnancy while others may be affected at the end. During pregnancy, there is more strain on your muscles, especially abdominal muscles that can lead to back pain, poor posture and general discomfort.
With this topic, our physiotherapist will provide you with vital steps you can consider to maintain a healthy back and improve your posture during pregnancy. We will explain the negative impact of too much rest and why you get back pain during pregnancy. We will provide you with tips on proper lifting, exercise and stretching techniques to help prevent back pain, tips to relieve backache and advice to improve and maintain your posture.

Top Tips to Improve your Posture

We can all have good posture

Your body and back supports you in all the physical tasks you carry out on a daily basis, from getting out of bed in the morning to sitting at work. When something supports you all day long, it’s important that you do your best to support it in return. Your posture is the key.
This helpful topic with our Chartered Physio will cover a variety of different activities and the related best posture. Whether it’s sitting at work, driving, cycling, running or gardening – there is a right way to position yourself to maximise support and minimise pain or injury and our Physio will show you how!

Stroke Prevention NEW!

Prevention & Action

One in five people will have a stroke at some time in their life. Even young people and children can be affected. We now know strokes are very treatable and, if the right actions are taken quickly, the patient may not have any long term effects.
We can provide your employees with the facility to attend an on-site seminar where our dedicated GP will discuss the type of Stroke, Stroke Symptoms, Stages of Stroke, and Stroke Prevention measures.

Break Through Cancer

Breakthrough Cancer Research funds the efficient and effective development of new treatments for cancer. We work to significantly impact the number of people who can survive this disease. We work to significantly impact the number of people who can survive this disease. Research programmes funded by Breakthrough Cancer Research must focus on translating lab discoveries into new treatment opportunities. To this end we work closely with clinicians in practice all over Ireland so our research is targeted at finding new options for poor prognosis and incurable cancers. Hope lives here!

Cardiovascular Presentation NEW!

Approximately 10,000 people die each year from cardiovascular disease (CVD) - including coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke and other circulatory diseases. CVD is the most common cause of death in Ireland, accounting for 32% of all deaths. The largest number of these deaths relate to CHD - mainly heart attacks - at 5,000 people. Most heart disease is preventable and a healthy heart is achieved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This can be done by making simple, everyday changes in your lifestyle and cutting out all the high risk habits in your life. In this seminar our focus will be on managing cholesterol, being active, healthy eating, managing blood pressure, and quitting smoking. This seminar will provide essential advice on how to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eating for a Healthy Heart

Great foods for great cardiovascular health

Heart disease is the most common cause of death in Ireland. Your heart beats 100,000 times a day, it’s important that we look after it. Eating healthily is one of the best ways to take care of your heart and can reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes and heart disease.
We can teach you how certain foods can help benefit your heart and teach you about the dangers of having a high amount of saturated fat in your diet and why an increased salt intake is bad for us. We will talk to you about nutrients, portion sizes and how to have a balanced diet.

Women’s Health NEW!

Cancer Awareness

We’ll provide you the opportunity to access high quality educational information on women’s cancer. The startling statistic that up to 1 in 10 women will suffer from Breast Cancer at some stage in their lives is just one of the topics covered by our seminar which will also include addressing the signs / symptoms of cancers common to women including Skin, Cervical and Ovarian cancer.
The seminar will also address risk factors of getting the disease. While many of these risk factors can be out of one’s control, knowledge can help empower you to take important steps to protect yourself.

Men’s Health NEW!

Cancer Awareness

A comprehensive and informative seminar dedicated to men’s cancer. Unfortunately, up to 10,000 men are diagnosed with cancer each year with skin and prostate cancer being the most common cancers.
This seminar also addresses the various risk factors of getting the disease. While many of these risk factors can be out of one’s control, knowledge can help you to take important steps to protect yourself. Cancer survival is more successful if spotted at an early stage. Our Seminar will also address the signs / symptoms of cancers common to Men including Prostate and Testicular.

First Aid

First Aid is an invaluable skill and one that will last you a life time. We can offer you the following, to carry First Aid into your workplace and day to day life. We offer a variety of different seminars and workshops including the following:

First Aid for Parents (1 hour seminar)
No limit on attendance

  • Primary Survey (ABC) Child & Infant
  • Secondary Survey
  • Choking Child/Infant

First Aid for Parents (3 hour hands on workshop)
Maximum attendance of 12

  • Primary Survey (ABC) Child & Infant
  • Secondary Survey
  • Breathing Rates
  • Nose Bleed
  • Concussion/Compression
  • Epilepsy
  • Burns & Scalds
  • Pulse Taking
  • Choking Child/Infant
  • Head Injury
  • Fainting
  • Allergies and Children
  • Sprains & Strains

Basic First Aid (1 hour seminar)
No limit on attendance

  • Heart Attack vs Cardiac Arrest
  • Heart conditions: Angina, Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest
  • Choking

Basic First Aid (3 hour hands on workshop)
Maximum attendance of 12

  • What is first aid?
  • How to call emergency services.
  • Maintaining safe systems of work.
  • Brief introduction to circulation wounds and bleeding
  • Management of nose bleeds etc.
  • Application of dressings to wounds.
  • Management of heart attack.
  • Introduction to CPR.
  • Management of choking casualty - Heimlich manoeuvre.
  • Management of unconscious casualty – recovery position.
  • Management of burns and application of burns dressings

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