What is Thrive in Body diet & Nutrition?

Eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and wellbeing. Getting the right nutrition is key to staying healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, and reducing the risk of chronic disease in later life. Our Thrive in bodyl Diet & Nutrition topics will help employees make the right choices. Our Thrive in Body Diet & Nutrition seminar and webinar topics list provides a comprehensive range of topics to engage employees on a wide range of issues. 


Webinars on demand

Our Webinars are convenient, informative and are available on demand, which allows for employees and their families to view whenever and wherever it is convenient to them regardless of their location.

We can work with you on the marketing of these webinars and release them on the date of your choice. All webinar recordings will be made available to all employees for 30 days from launch day.

Each seminar will last approximately 30-40 minutes with adequate time for Q&A afterwards. The presentation will be emailed in advance to the client. We will also email a useful handout to accompany each talk, for distribution to all attendees.

We can also deliver back to back seminars or have a Wellness Expert on site to deliver an all day series of 6 Seminars. If you cant find the topic you are after, please contact us and we can discuss a topic to be designed and delivered, just for you.


We want to inspire employees, cover topical issues and give ease of access to the latest teaching from our experts to ultimately create a workplace of learning, communication and collaboration.

We have worked very hard to take another step up in 2016 to create topics that will be enjoyable and informative, providing a social event for your employees. We work with you to ensure we provide the right topics that are important, fun or both… these are not boring lectures!!


What Our Experts Say

Healthy eating is not just about limiting the food we enjoy. It’s about feeling good, having more energy and taking a different, more positive outlook on life. Our Diet & Nutrition topics are designed with this in mind
— Carla Bredin - Nutritionist

The Topics List

S =Available as Seminar / W = Available as Webinar / M = Delivered by Marquee Speaker

Eating for Health

The impact that nutrition has on our health is simply incredible.

This talk looks at the nutrition you need to stay healthy and feel well. We look at how what you eat and drink can be the foundation upon which you manage your weight and avoid disease.
We will clear up many myths about food and nutrition and help you to feel confident about the food choices you make. This is an informative look at how to eat well, be healthy and enjoy your food.

Top Ten Tips for Weight Loss

For healthy weight loss without the fad diet.

Weight Loss. Two words that people dread and fear! But it shouldn’t be like that. Losing weight means feeling good about yourself, improving your health and looking good from the inside out. So if you’re starving and cranky and still not shifting the pounds, then you’re not doing it right! Our diet & nutrition tips are aimed at both men and women who want to lose a few but don’t know exactly where to begin.
We offer you the best weight loss tips which promote healthy (and painless!) weight loss. We look at ways to make simple changes to your diet and eating habits, staying away from strict diet plans or strategies to starve yourself.

Life’s too hectic to be Healthy

Some smart tips to eat well no matter how busy we are

Being busy impacts on the food choices we make. This informative topic provides practical tips on how to eat healthy when you are busy at work and at home.
There is no need to buy that high calorie combo of a latte and muffin or worse still skip breakfast. Lunch can be quick but it does not need to be unhealthy and what’s more, your dinner does not a pierced sleeve and 90 seconds in the microwave!

Superfoods: What’s new and what’s not

Superfoods are not all super expensive and super tasteless

Superfoods don’t have to be expensive and hard to come by. We will tell you the benefits you can get from superfoods, and that by introducing them in to your diet can be both cost effective and more convenient than you would expect. Some of these superfoods may already be in your everyday diet without you releasing it.
This topic will teach you what a superfood is and why we should be using them. We will also tell which ones are more beneficial than others and the variety of benefits you get from different superfoods and which ones have exaggerated claims.

Understanding Food Labels

We will demystify it, so at a glance you’ll know if it's healthy or not

Food labels can be very confusing and tricky to understand.
This is a great topic that will provide you with the label-reading skills that are intended to make it easier for you to use nutrition labels to make quick, informed food choices that contribute to a healthy body and life.

Breakfast of Champions!

Some great insights into what is the best way to get your day going

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day that is why it is even more important to make sure we eat the right foods during breakfast time. You have spent the night sleeping, so you need to refuel your body and mind with the right nutrients to set you up for a great start to the day.
We will tell what are the best foods and nutrients to have at breakfast time that can easily fit in to your morning time limitations and schedule. This topic will also warn you about the negatives of unhealthy eating in the morning and how we can avoid them.

Beat the Energy Slump

What you eat equals the energy you have

Do you get the 3 o’clock slump? Well we can tell why this happens and how you can anticipate it and beat it. We can give you advice and teach you tips in how to not only beat it but in the process manage stress.
After listening to what we can teach you, we will have you full of zip and less energy dip.

Mindful Eating NEW!

Awaking Your Senses

Food, food, food. It’s everywhere, radio, TV, reports about obesity, dieting. Eating is a natural, healthy, and pleasurable activity for satisfying hunger. However, in our food-abundant, diet-obsessed culture, eating is often mindless, consuming, and guilt-inducing instead. Mindful eating is a mindfulness practice with profound implications and applications for resolving our often troubled love-hate relationship with food. What’s your relationship to your food? Let’s will look at using mindful eating practices, to begin changing your relationship to your food.

The Dietary Management of IBS NEW!

We can help those who suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Is what you’re hearing a myth or do you know your facts. What is the definition and what are the symptoms? Do you know your red flag indicators to IBS and how do you get properly diagnosed? Why does IBS happen and if I am a sufferer, what medical treatment & dietary management can I practice to optimise my health?
Lots of unanswered questions that our Dietitian can answer, help you understand, and implement to yours or a loved one’s daily life.

Managing Stress through Diet/Lifestyle NEW!

To help support you mental fitness

Stress is a common problem that we all have to deal with in our lives, some more than others. There are many factors that bring stress upon the body, such as the job of the person and certain events that happen in their life. A common talking point discussed on the subject of stress is the food a person consumes as part of their daily lifestyle. Unhealthy eating patterns will only result in an increased level in stress, followed by further problems in the future if not resolved.
With a healthy eating plan in your lifestyle accompanied with a good stress management programme, you can prolong your life span and reduce the likelihood of stress-related illnesses damaging your body.

Dietary Approach to Managing Weight NEW!

Some great information for those who know that crash diets fail

When it comes to weight loss, there's no shortage of advice. Magazines, books and websites all promise that they've discovered the key to losing weight for good — from diets that eliminate fat or carbohydrates to those that tout superfoods or special supplements. It's tempting to buy into promises of rapid and dramatic weight loss, but a slow and steady approach is easier to maintain and usually beats fast weight loss for the long term.
We’ll show you how to simply and safely make small changes that can add up to create a huge difference to your health and longevity.

Foods for Moods

Your mood is intrinsically linked with your diet. We’ll elaborate

The pace of life we lead at home and work can be exhausting. We have a million and one things going on, we lack sleep, we lack healthy meals and we lack the time to relax. All in all life is pretty tiring, so anything we can do to gain energy in a healthy way is well received. All day energy does not come from a can of energy drink or a supplement but there are lots of foods that are great to boost energy.
This seminar will give you some insights to foods to boost energy level, mood, and beat off that fatigue!

Sports Nutrition Basics NEW!

Fuelling for performance- Beginner/ Intermediate

For anybody new to the world of sport and nutrition, getting your diet right can enhance not only your exercise performance but also your general well-being. Neglecting this aspect of your training will leave you underperforming, recovering poorly, and never reaching your true potential. However it all can seem quite daunting with so many unknowns; when do you eat? What and how much do you eat? Should I use supplements? Our expert will simplify the science, cut back on the frills and supply you with the need to know basics such as;
• Intro. to macronutrients (Carbohydrates, protein, fats)
• Fuelling before and during exercise
• Nutrition for recovery after exercise
• Hydration
In this seminar, you will learn practical information that you can put into action to help enhance your energy, sports performance, manage weight, and overall lifelong health.

Sports Nutrition Advanced NEW!

Fuelling for high performance- Advanced

This seminar aimed towards more advanced athletes and exercisers, will provide you with all the necessary tools to understand nutrition in more detail with the goal of designing a diet for health, sports training and competition, repair, and growth. The ability to identify what your nutritional needs are and how to meet these needs will help push your sporting performance to the next level. Our expert will cover more advanced areas of sports nutrition such as;
• Macronutrients (Daily Calorie & Macro. calculation)
• Meal Planning/ Batch cooking
• Weight Management for athletes
• Fluids and electrolytes for athletic performance
• Pre-activity meals
• Nutrition/energy balance during activity
• Post-Competition/activity nutrition
• Supplements
You will learn best practice for nutrition in all aspects of your life to ensure you fuel your body correctly to maximise your potential for training and competition. Our expert will help you gain a greater understanding of your body’s nutrition needs for exercise, as well as providing you with practical examples to fuel your chosen sport.

Some Diet & nutrition ideas to battle tiredness NEW!

Poor nutrition is a big culprit of tiredness

Tired. Drained. Shattered. No matter how you phrase it, you need to drum up some energy. Put down that energy drink with the silly name and outrageous claims. Even if you’re wiped, you’ll be better off grabbing a healthy snack than downing that caffeine infused chemical cocktail. Food is our body's fuel and what we choose to consume is going to impact massively on our performance.
We’ll take you through some healthy foods that can make you feel more alert, ward off muscle fatigue and give you the get-up-and-go you need.

Eating for immunity

Improving our immune system is easier than you think

A strong immune system can help us fight off cold & flu and other viruses. It is commonly known that a healthy nutrient rich diet can help establish and maintain a strong immune system to help protect you against illnesses.
We can tell you how you can improve your immune system by offering simple advice in what foods you should add to your diet that will naturally boost your immunity.

Eating for Health while travelling NEW!

Stop ordering the club sandwich on the room service menu!

Sometimes knowing what’s good for you when you are on the road can be confusing, so we will give you the necessary know how in how to eat healthy, and improve your overall wellness. These tips are not just for a hectic work day but can be applied at home ensuring your family is eating right. We will teach you which foods should be and should not be included in your diet and what vitamins and minerals you should be looking to consume each day in your daily diet.
Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on taste and we will show you. This is a great and fun topic that can demonstrate how easily you can recharge your life.


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