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Company challenges are a great way to get employees focused on a wellness objective in a fun, engaging and competitive manner. In order to facilitate company challenges we have created The Virtual Games Ap.  

This app allows us to efficiently manage registrations, track the challenge, motivate employees to take part and to continue to take part, and to display the challenge’s progression live. Our app is available for both iOS and Android users and can be customised to reflect your company brand.


How it works

The Virtual Games app is not another boring walking or step challenge. We have incorporated a number of other exercises to keep employees as engaged as possible.

Participants can select from one or more types of activity. The level of activity logged is converted into points which reflect the intensity level and type of exercise. Participants can choose from one of the following exercise types:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Crunches
  • Weight Lifted

We have designed the app to be as simple and user friendly as it can be. The app connects to Apple HealthKit or Google Fit, which enables steps to be synced automatically from your smartphone. If employees do not have access to Apple HealthKit or Google Fit, they will be able to manually log activity points with just a couple of clicks.

The app will track individual results and display team and company leaderboards.

Programme Structure

  • We will create a complete marketing campaign including e-vites, posters, etc. to support launch.
  • We will provide the app to clients, available on Android or iOS
  • Applicants register their interest in the challenge and can be placed into teams
  • Registration through a dedicated company portal which include information on the challenge and a sign up form.
  • Alternatively, we can add all employees automatically by uploading them to a database
  • We will provide a continuously updated leader board throughout the duration of the challenge
  • Our online helpdesk will always be available to supprt participants
  • Prizes or other incentives are offered at the discretion of the employer
  • On completion of the challenge, we will announce the winners

Number Of Participants

Groups are not limited for company challenges.

Expected Results

We expect high engagement throughout and that employees will find the challenge to be an extremely enjoyable experience with the added benefit of building team spirit and engagement across different parts of your organisation.

Using Apps to engage with employees has been really successful in allowing us to get the greatest levels of participation across organisations of all sizes. Our challenges are always fun, competitive and rewarding!
— Lara McDonnell - Fitness Coach

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