Work Improvement on Demand


This is a light & engaging 12 month work improvement series with a weekly best practice tip, monthly work improvement email with appropriate downloads and monthly videos on our E Learning platform.


Our Topics:

Running Meetings
Meetings may be unavoidable but they don't have to be unproductive. This hands-on guide helps you transform meetings from a waste of time to springboards for effective action.

Persuading People
Learn how to build your credibility, adapt your pitch to your audience, and overcome resistance to your proposals.

Coaching People
How to help you improve relationships with your direct reports, develop effective team dynamics and use resources more effectively.

Control Your Email
Learn how to use your email program's filing and rules capabilities, how to create a daily process for checking your email that works for you--and eliminates the temptation to respond to every message as it comes in, and advice on working through your backlog.

Giving Feedback
Learn how you can give employees the right feedback that will help them develop and change in ways that benefit your organization.

Giving Presentations
Getting the results you expect from your presentation involves more than visual packaging. Learn how to customize your message, engage your audience and manage the Q&A session.

Leading Teams
To lead a team effectively, you need to lay the groundwork for success and follow through on key decisions. Learn how to foster creativity and risk-taking in your teams, and get your teams back on track after a setback.

Making Decisions
How can you boost the odds of making the best decisions for your organization? Treat decision-making as a process. Learn the key strategies for handling each step in the process.

Managing Difficult Interactions
Learn how to master the art of effectively managing difficult interactions. We will help you determine which confrontations are worth an investment of your time and energy, and how to design solutions that meet all stakeholders' needs.

Managing Up
Learn how to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with your manager, communicate effectively with your boss about priorities and problems, and negotiate win-win solutions to on-the-job challenges with your supervisor.

Managing Time
Learn how to reclaim control over your time and workload.

Managing Stress
Learn with practical, hands-on suggestions for managing workplace stress, from short-term fixes to long-term methods for changing the situation and/or changing your response to the situation.


Who Will Deliver It?

An Organisational Psychologist will deliver the programme, who is trained to apply psychological theories and principles to the workplace.

Our Organisational Psychologists can make a big difference to our client company’s success by improving the performance, satisfaction, safety, health and well-being of its employees. All of our Psychologists are fully qualified and hold current membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

Programme Structure:

12 Month Programme:

  • 52 x work improvement tips. One per week
  • 12 x monthly topic blogs, usefuldownloads, and monthly videos detailing work improvement techniques.

All will be delivered via our E Learning platform


Number Of Participants:

Groups are not limited. Sign up is closed one week before hand to allow secure webpage, log in’s, mail and newsletters to be prepared in time.

Expected Results & Measurement:

We expect 80% of those who start the programme to complete it.

We will report on:
We will track those review the email and log in for the webinar each month and those that download worksheets
We will report on feedback.

This 12 month series is a great way of bringing useful tips and office hacks directly to your employees. This series will help improve performance in every aspect of their day to day roles.
— Stuart McGoldrick - Group CEO, Spectrum Health

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