Work/Life Balance Focus Group


This is a bespoke consultancy project delivered by an Organisational Psychologist.


It is a focus group lead report into the experience of life –work integration for select group of employees, managers or departments in a company.


Companies often can identify that specific groups are under considerable pressure at work, so the aim of the focus group is to elicit their perspectives on WLB in terms of how the company helps WLB and what needs to be changed. It is basically an opportunity for the group to speak candidly about their own experience of WLB in the Company and what they would like to see introduced.


Work Life Integration (often referred to as Work-Life Balance) has emerged in recent years as an important issue for both employees and organisations alike. Prior research has shown that organisations committed to work-life balance practices are more likely to experience success in terms of recruitment, staff morale and employee commitment.


Programme Structure:

  • A pre-focus group call with the client to determine the boundaries, e.g. can flexible work practices be discussed?
  • An agreement on the issues to be focused on
  • A 2 hour focus Group
  • After which, notes are transcribe a bespoke report is issued (circa 20 pages) whichis structured as follows:
  • Executive Summary
  • Summary of the openness of the focus group
  • Methodology
  • Analysis
    i. Objective 1
    ii. Objective 2
    iii. Objective 3 etc.
  • Summary
  • Recommendations
  • References

Who Will Deliver It?

An Organisational Psychologist will deliver the programme, who is trained to apply psychological theories and principles to the workplace.

Our Organisational Psychologists can make a big difference to our client company’s success by improving the performance, satisfaction, safety, health and well-being of its employees. All of our Psychologists are fully qualified and hold current membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.


Expected Results & Measurement:

We expect 80% of those who start the programme to complete it.

We will report on:
The report is the measurement.

Number Of Participants:

Groups are not limited but we suggest no more than 10.

This programme can help you find the right work/life balance, allowing you to feel fulfilled at work, while getting to enjoy a satisfying personal life outside of work.
— Dr. Richard Meacham - Counselling Psychologist

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